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Guest blog review: Adam reviews the NuForce Icon iDo



~ An Adam Caruth Review ~


As usual ohms, kHz , and impedance are unlikely to feature here.  If they do, I’ll do my best to use technical jargon so it sounds like I know what I’m talking about and not plain English so everybody understands!


To start with, the nice people at nuforce are good enough to provide a pamphlet on “good sound” which is not the same as “loud sound” (loud sound seems weird to me but “loud music” doesn’t work!  Just go with it, thanks). They explain that quality sound systems do not have to shake the skin off your bones! (that is not a direct quote, I just don’t want to plagiarise their work) the crux of it is quality does not have to be loud! “I’m inclined to agree” To start with, depending on your budget depends on whether or not you think anything is good value, cheap or expensive!  If you enjoy a particular activity, typically you bend your budget in that direction to justify your spending.  Seeing as I have purchased and been gifted headphone amps, I have been drawn into a world where my music listening needs now come attached to amps!


To start with, For the record I bought the FiiO E1, E5, E6 and got an E11 as a Christmas gift, depending on how much digging about on the amp3 site you want to do will determine whether or not you read my reviews/comments on those products.    All of those products were less than £50 some even less than £20.  The iDO is in a larger price bracket, it is £200+ on the amp3 site.  If I didn’t already have four headphone amps I would find it hard to justify the price. So to start with, the FiiO E1 vs nuforce icon iDO; FiiO E1 30 pin connector; Icon iDO 30 pin connector. One point each! FiiO E5 case made from black metal; Icon iDO case made from black metal. One point each! FiiO E6 connects to headphones via 3.5mm port; Icon iDO connects to headphones via 3.5mm port. One point each! “I’ll do the totals at the end as the scoring system is complicated” FiiO E11 big knob for volume; Icon iDO big knob for volume. To start with, I like music on the move so a portable music player and portable amp is the right solution for me, but it’s still far from perfect as you end up with spaghetti junction in your pocket with all the wires etc.

The nuforce icon iDO  is designed to amplify music from iDevices (iPod, iPad, iPhone) to headphones or to a larger home system!  The fact of the matter is, with compressed music formats there can be a degradation of quality, amps go a long way to redress this situation and the nuforce worked very well and sounded great with a range of headphones.  As I’ve said on other reviews headphone amps really help power those big cans! (industry term for over ear headphones) so I’ve used Shure 750DJ, Bose quiet comfort 2, v-moda crossfade for the over-ear style all to good effect, for in-ear I used Shure 315′s also nice sounding (one song I particularly like to use is “good times” by INXS & Jimmy Barns, as the Shure 315′s and iPod deliver a poor rendition of this song, but attached to the amp it’s awesome!) I have to say that other songs on the iPod with the Shure 315′s without the amp are great, just in case you thought there was something wrong there.


To start with, you spend your hard earned money and what do you get?  Well from the picture, it is a black box with a massive knob on top!  It feels nice in your hand too and goes “dugdugdug” when you rotate it. As with all the amps I’ve used, turn up the iDevice to max volume, then control the output from the amp itself.  There is a rubber holder for the amp to keep it in place when you are fiddling with the knob, a USB to 30 pin connector, a power adapter and best of all a little blue light goes up and down when ok the wee light goes up and down to indicate volume when you play with the knob!

To start with, this is a quality product no matter what way you look at it! For me, I’ve fallen into a world where headphone amps are portable, and when I listen to music at home it is normally not through headphones so the icon iDO is not on me shopping list. Seeing as I’m not the boss of the world it’s not up-to me to decide how music is listened to. The nuforce has got connectivity to headphones and larger systems so if that floats your boat then the iDO can do! To start with, let me explain the premise of these reviews iDO.  I’m a bit like an over excited waffly mate who can’t explain things quick enough without getting side tracked.  I do research and read reviews and techno babble about products I’m shopping for, to ensure I get the right product for me, FOR ME!  I’m not going to tell others that this is a must for them or that they should only go with this.


That’s all for now, see you next time with more no-facts and no techno jargon.


For more information and pricing on any of the FiiO amplifiers, click here. For further information on the Nuforce Icon iDo, click here.




Brainwavz B2 reviewed by Tech made Easy. An 8/10 will do nicely!

B2Brainwavz B2 Dual Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones

RATED: 8/10

‘Initially this looks strange, the kind of thing that Tim Burton might come up with if asked to design headphones for the day.  Certainly my initial reaction was “why?” but after reading the blurb and then using them for a week the reason is obvious; it’s almost impossible to tangle them up.’ Tech made Easy

Matt Bowes, a trusted reviewer from Tech made Easy, admitted not knowing the Brainwavz brand before taking on the B2s for review. It’s a good thing they were sent over as they received a rave review.

The B2s are a great model that incorporate all you would want from a set of headphones. As well as having incredible sound and a stylish appearance Brainwavz have concentrated on making the little things count too. They come with a variety of ear buds to make sure you get the perfect fit and their twisted cable means they are extremely difficult to tangle up – even if you want to!

Read the full product description here.

Don’t hesitate, get these great all-round headphones today for only £99!

Buy now



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RAVE REVIEW: SkullCandy Aviator Over-Ear headphones gets 5/5 from PluggedIn! Read more here.


SkullCandy Aviator Over-Ear Headphones, 2011 Range

RATED: 5/5

The trendy Aviator Over-Ear Headphones have received a rave review from the trusty tech journos over at PluggedIn.co.uk

These headphones boast an attractive retro design, an in-line remote control that doubles as a microphone, and impressive sound quality. So, if you’re not on a tight budget and are looking for a well rounded set of headphones, the Roc Nation Aviators are a fantastic investment in my opinion.PluggedIn



Skullcandy have landed a 5/5 star rating for their retro-chic over ear design. Form follows function with these headphones and does so with a distinctly stylish twist.

The main function is as impressive as the form. Sound quality has made great sonic progress from their less striking budget offerings. Enjoy big bass with bright mid and high tones.

They are even generously padded to make listening as luxurious as it looks.


~ Get yours from Amp3 for £129 ~





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MacFormat rate the PopBox as best media streamer and give it an amazing 4/5 stars!

popboxPopcorn Hour PopBox


Popbox rated best media streamer by MacFormat Magazine

‘That leaves the PopBox as the best all-rounder in our test – it offers iPlayer and other web content, good categorisation and a wide range of extra features.’ MacFormat

The PopBox triumphed in MacFormat’s media streamer group test being rated an impressive 4/5 stars.
The PopBox was up against some stiff competition . Competing against Apple TV; Boxee Box; Iomega Screenplay TV Link DX; Seagate Goflex TV and the WDTV Live Hub 1TB it did well to win out against Apple’s own brand.


The great all-round package boasts the ability to show your favourite programmes and films in brilliant HD quality. This home entertainment system will also playback your entire photo library as well as storing all of your music.


Access the Popbox Apps Market through a WiFi connection and get connected to Facebook and Twitter as well as watching your favourite videos on YouTube.

~Read the full product description here~


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FIVE STAR rating for Blackbox M10s

Blackbox M10 Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones


With their large ear-cups, deep [bass] and crisp vocals, these phones block out up to 92 per cent of outside boise, and a single AAA battery will power them for more than 50 hours.Apps Magazine


Blackbox have been heaped with deserving praise from Apps Magazine who have given the noise cancelling headphones a five star rating.

The headphones that deliver all kinds of sonic pleasure specialise in making your listening experience pure. They employ Active Noise Rejection technology widely used in commercial aviation.

Not only that but they won the ‘Best for Public Transport’ award from T3!

There is seemingly nothing these headphones can’t achieve.


Read a full product description and place your order here!


Cowon C2: “This is one of – if not the – Best-Sounding Digital Media Player We’ve Heard”

IT Reviews loved the Cowon C2:

“best-sounding digital media player we’ve heard”

The Cowon C2 is the new born from Cowon. Sleek and neat MP3 Player, with the C2 all that matters is audio perfection! The C2 picks up where its predecessor left of and takes things a step further. The stunning design leaves nothing you wanting of nothing. It’s lightweight, is jam packed with neat features and is home to some finely tuned kit that delivers a fantastic audio experience. AMP3 recommended without a doubt! (click here for more information on the product)

IT Review explains:

“Everything from hard rock to drum and bass to classical sounded fantastic on the C2, and for audiophiles this would surely be one of the most satisfying experiences around.”

“Users who will take advantage of some of its massive range of features and superb audio will find it to be one of the most versatile and best performing devices of its type.” (read the full review here)

Cowon C2 16GB MP3 Player with Expandable Memory – £139

(8GB – £109)

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MEElectronics HT-21 Reviewed by Home Cinema Choice this Month!

MEElectronics’ new range of headphones have been reviewed by Home Cinema Choice!

“New kid on the headphone block MEElectronics has unleashed a range of products which feature adjustable swivel cups and are designed to ‘hug your head’.”

“Comfort is improved by the ‘no-split’ cable.”

“Verdict: Comfy, affordable cans” (to read the full review – please purchase the magazine – print only)


MEElectronics HT-21 Portable Headphones – Only £19.99 (Was £29.99)

Save £10

For more information – click here

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Thank You Matt For Your Fantastic Comment On AMP3 Customer Services!

Last week, One of our customers – Matt -  wrote a very kind comment on Advanced MP3 Players customer services:

“The service level and response time has been outstanding from all the people I have been involved with.”

“One of the best on-line shopping experiences I have had if not the best, I shop solely on-line and order daily so have quite a bit of experience here and the same as I have had to put an official complaint recently for an extremely bad service I only think it is fair to advise on excellent work, great follow up and very quick response times.”

“I will recommend your site, and use in the future.”

Thank you Matt – you made our day!

If you’re happy too, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment on our Facebook page or email us (sales@amp3.co.uk )

- Advanced MP3 Players –


If You Are Looking For Quality Speakers For Your Computer, Try The QSB Made by SoundScience!

Hands on the QSB: Gizmodo France is telling you their first impressions:

“Guarantee of quality, despite their small size, these speakers are relatively dense and have gold plated connectors on the back.”

“They are directly working via USB cable – no power required, “plug and play system”. The cables provide 2.5W per cube.”

” The QSB benefit from a revolutionary technology@: the NXT DyadUSB. It provides 15W per channel audio while limiting consumption to 2.5W. The power proposed here is equivalent to 30W – difficult to verify this announcement without laboratory – , but a thing is certain: despite their small size, the sound blows you away! ”

“Small size, sleek design, sound quality and easy to use, the QSB largely seduced the editorial team.” (read the full review here)

The QSB can be purchased online (next working day delivery) on Advanced MP3 Players

- Click here for more information –


Vsonic GR07: New IEM’s That Will be Hard to Beat!

The Vsonic GR07 already hit the audiophiles’ world!

These very promising gems land soon in Advanced MP3 Players – Be prepared!

Reviewed by Head-Fi, the GR07 have been very appreciated:

“I can say without any doubt the GR07 is one of the best IEM’s out there.”

“It takes audiophile levels of quality, throws in a dash of soul and passion, stirs in a little drama and liveliness and then ever so carefully layers on a helping of monitor like balance and technical ability.  It a stunning all round package.”

“The cable is very good.  The fit is very good.  The comfort is very good.  The bass is very good, borderline brilliant.  The mids are very good.  The highs are mostly very good.  The balance is very good.  The dynamic vibrancy is very good.  Its monitor like even-handedness is pretty good.” (Mark Ramos, Head-Fi – read the full review here).

Keep an eye on Advanced MP3 Players – Coming soon

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