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Xmas Jumper

AMP3’s 12 Days of Christmas Deals!


Trees are going up, carols are being sung and ridiculous jumpers are being worn – it must be Christmas time! And as a special holiday treat AMP3 will be running a countdown to the big day with some very special one-day only offers!


Xmas Jumper


Beginning on the Sunday the 14th December we will be offering one product every day with a special low price as an early gift to our fellow audio enthusiasts.

“What glorious gifts will you bestow upon us AMP3?” we hear you ask. Well, we can’t say; you will have to visit the ‘Deal of the Day’ section of our site each day to find out! Isn’t it fun?

So come all ye faithful to our website and check out our 12 Days of Christmas deals at AMP3 and you could be listening to all your favourite Christmas tunes on your new Audio Player for cheaper this Christmas.

Visit our Deal of the Day section here:



dockBoss and dockBoss+ arrive at Amp3! Rated 80% by RegHardware


Ever have a look around a shop and noticed how much preference there is for Apple products? Probably not if you’re using an Apple product already – which is true for most people out there. A serious problem lies ahead for those of us using any product but an Apple product when on the lookout for speakers. In every shop the majority of speakers will likely be fitted with a 30-pin dock suitable for Apple products only. Finally, a solution is available. Enter the dockBoss converter.

The dockBoss and dockBoss+ are innovative devices that instantly make an iPod dock compatible with a wide range of players. They ‘speak the language of all systems’ where one end of the dockBoss connects to the iPod dock and the other is a standard 3.5mm jack that fits a range of audio-output devices including laptops and portable radios. Hurrah! Finally a way to benefit from an Apple dominated market without an Apple product!

Even better, they love it at RegHardware too! It is RegHardware Recommended and was rated 80%!

A winning product all round. Don’t hesitate to get yours today!

~ The dockBoss is £22.99 ~

~ The dockBoss+ is £29.99 ~


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JayBird Freedom Headphones featured on The Gadget Show

FreedomJayBird Freedom Headphones



The Freedoms are the world’s smallest Bluetooth stereo headset and lead the charge in the Bluetooth enabled headphone trend. Simply, the Freedoms are two noise-isolating ear buds connected via adjustable neck strap and sit securely in the ear, freeing the user of any wires.


Last week, the JayBird Freedom headphones were featured on the gadget geek’s weekly TV digest – The Gadget Show. The Freedom’s were included in an ‘Ultimate Travel Bag’ feature. Being high performing and versatile headphones their tech credibilities shone through to win their inclusion on the show. The headphones have received large amounts of praise since their beginning and it’s not only the Gadget Show they’ve impressed:


‘We are so incredibly impressed with JayBird’s new Freedom Earbuds. First of all, while larger than normal, wired earbuds, they’re much more compact than any other Bluetooth headphones we’ve seen.’ iCreate

Taking calls and playing music is all done wirelessly with the headphones. Connect to your Bluetooth enabled device and enjoy pristine audio. A hugely important factor that is often overlooked with top quality headphones is their usability. Too often you find headphones that won’t last the hustle of a daily commute let alone a trip to the gym. The Freedoms are designed for the active user and it’s the active user they serve.
Coming with a guarantee against sweat means they will withstand being put through their paces. Cordless headphones for any purpose is a luxury, but when exercising once you go wireless, you might find they are less luxury and more necessity.


The headphones sit securely in your ear and deliver a strong Bluetooth connection. Use them on your commute, to the gym, out for a walk, or anywhere. They blend top quality components and output with usability.





~ Get yours here ~

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ColcaSac iPad Sleeve: An UGG boot for your iPad.

ColcaSacColcaSac iPad Sleeve



Protect your iPad with a ColcaSac by taking advantage of its generous internal padding and tough outer material. It might look as though you are putting your iPad to bed in one of these sleeves but rest assured it is thoroughly protected.

ColcaSacs are manufactured from natural materials. The cotton is hand-loomed from a village in Mexico where the organic hemp is sourced from the valleys of China. These materials fuse organic and natural roots to make a robust yet comfortable case to protect your very modern iPad.

The materials are grown, weaved and printed in the United States. 100% certified cotton gives it the strength to withstand everyday wear and tear where the non-toxic, low-impact dye adds the brilliant colour and design.

Rest assured ColcaSac is not only a company that only looks environmentally friendly but actually is. With every purchase, ColcaSac shares a fraction of the profits with environmental organisations through the 1% For the Planet scheme.

Protect your iPad in a fully functional, responsibly-made sleeve. If only they made them for people…


buy now


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what hifi logo

1 winner and 3 recommended products at the What HiFi? Awards!


What HiFi? Sound and Vision held its highly anticipated annual What HiFi? Sound and Vision Awards on 5 October. The who’s who of technology and electronics industries went head to head, battling it out to win one of the highly coveted What Hifi? accolades. The awards were also another cause for celebration as the magazine celebrated 35 years of circulation.
With four products featured in the awards – which included one winner – at Advanced MP3 Players, it’s our turn to celebrate.

In the Best Internet Radio category the Revo Axis triumphed to come out as overall winner. The usability was a key factor in Revo’s success with its highly responsive touch screen making it easy to navigate through all those internet radio stations! Watch the What HiFi? video of the Revo Axis here.


~ The Revo Axis is available at Advanced MP3 Players for £174 ~

~ Revo also offer a remote for their radio which is available for £9.95 here. ~


The awards not only celebrated the very best in category but acknowledged other contenders that provided the tough competition in the Recommended Best Buy sections of the awards. Advanced MP3 Players were delighted to see three other deserving products be featured at the awards.
Particular success was had in the headphone category where the SoundMagic E10s added to their already impressive list of good reviews by being recommended Best In-Ear Headphones up to £40.


~ The SoundMagic E10s are available at Advanced MP3 Players for £34.99 ~


The Grado SR80i were recommended  Best Home On-Ear Headphones up to £150. See their nomination here.


~ The Grado SR80i are available at Advanced MP3 Players for £104.01 ~


In the Best Systems category the Denon M38 DAB won for Best Micro System up to £400. See the nomination here.


~ The Denon M38 DAB is available from Advanced MP3 Players for £199. ~

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Deal of the Day: M-Audio Desktop Speaker System £87.99. SAVE £21.01


M-Audio Studiophile AV30 Compact Desktop Speaker System

Was £109

Now £68!

SAVE £41!

These are a small set of speakers that pack real punch. Bring the quality of sound found in the studio right to your desktop and enjoy films, games, music in high fidelity.

M-Audio are acclaimed makers of audio equipment. These speakers deliver clear, crisp highs and deep lows, along with superior clarity and imaging.

M audio

M-Audio’s attention to detail is as much in the build of the model as it is in its function. The wood walls inside the speakers give the sound a true capacity for bass which is often lacking in 100% plastic desktop speakers.
If you’re after high quality speakers made by a company that specialises in studio equipment then look no further than the M-Audio Studiophile AV30 Compact Desktop Speaker System.


m audio

buy now

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The SoundMagic E10s get an Editor’s Choice award at anythingbutipod.com


I can really recommend the Soundmagic E10 if one’s looking for a natural, dynamic, non-fatiguing sound signature. They provide honest, effortless reproduction of audio material. To me, that is more important in the long run than them being initially ‘exciting’ in one aspect or another. The E10 are definitely worth their money, and then some’. Anythingbutipod


Anythingbutipod is the first port of call for any kind of informed tech discussion or review. Certainly these guys know what they are talking about which makes this Editor’s Choice accolade all the more distinguished.
The review is testament to the quality design and function of the E10 headphones. This particular model is Advanced MP3 Players fastest ever selling headphones positioning it solidly at the top of our headphones ranking.


For a full product description click here.



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Cling by name, cling by nature. The Clingo hands-free mounts score serious safety points at Amp3


Clingo Hands-Free Mount

Clings by name, clings by nature. The Clingo range of in-car mounts are an innovative way to keep your phone in your car. They are made to ensure your phone is within glancing distance from the windscreen so to not fully detract from driving.


The Clingo Hands-Free mount will stick to your dashboard or your windscreen. The ball and socket joint gives ample ability to adjust the position of the mount for different drivers without having to dismantle the mount completely.


The Clingo Vent Mount (seen at bottom of article) will do just the same but instead is positioned in your car propping itself in the car’s vents. The Vent Mount comes highly recommended and even made it into the Amp3 staff Buyers Guide for best in-car accessories. You can read that here. It is less flexible than the Hands-Free mount but is easier to take in and out of the car. Mounts often pose an unforeseen risk when left visible in your car. Even as little as the suction marks left on your windscreen will lead thieves to believe you have a SatNav or other device stored out of sight. With the Clingo Vent Mount you can easily remove it from your vents and pop it in your glove compartment.
Any kind of phone will stick to the green pad of the Clingo mounts. They are held firmly and securely and leave no kind of sticky residue on your phone.
The Clingo mounts are a simple and safe solution to have in your car. You can get the Clingo Hands-Free mount for £16.75 and the Clingo Vent-Mount for £14.89.

Clingo Vent Mount


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RegHardware editor's choice

RegHardware features 5 Amp3 products in their latest round-up! See them here.


SP51PMEE SP51P headphones


Register Hardware Include 5 Advanced MP3 Player Headphones in Their Latest Review Round-Up


An impressive total of 5 Advanced MP3 Player headphones were featured in the latest Register Hardware Top Ten Earphones for Mobiles round-up. The experts over at Register Hardware have listed the best earphones with microphones to use with your mobile and unsurprisingly half of the featured products are stocked by Advanced MP3 Players. Check out the full product round-up here.


a-Jays Four



This model from a-Jays has an impressive noise isolating capacity and a 3 button remote and microphone and voice control. The stylish flat cable makes tangling less frequent and the headphones perform most impressively in voice frequency ranges.

‘The overall sound is very good, delivering a punchy bass and a slightly more pronounced midrange – which seems appropriate for a headset that claims to be “optimised for voice”.’ RegHardware
Rated: 80%


MEElectronics SP51P



MEE have incorporated a sound tuning ability for these headphones. A lot of earphones built with a microphone function have a sound preference that suits midranges to accommodate the sole sound of a voice when taking a call. The SP51P model lets you change the sound to suit the music, device or simply your own personal preference.

‘[…] the output is commendable and the adjustable soundscape is a feature I’d like to see implemented in more headsets.’ RegHardware Rated: 70%

Phonak Audeo 112



These headphones are made with comfort and sound reproduction as a priority with the ability to take calls as an added bonus. Like the SP51P model the Audeo Phonak headphones use filters to allow you to tailor the sound of your music.

‘Noise isolation is good too and the built-in microphone performs well – there’s a multifunction control button for smartphones too.’ RegHardware

RegHardware recommendedRegister Hardware Recommended and rated: 90%

Sennheiser MM30i



Made specifically for the latest Apple models the MM30i has an in-line remote that lets you control everything from volume to voice control with minimal effort. The sound is as typically the case with Sennheiser bass heavy, but high quality. Passive noise isolation is a welcomed feature.

‘Small and basic but bloomin’ marvellous, these Sennheisers are a great choice for any iPhone user seeking a budget headset with a lot of oomph.’ RegHardware

Register Hardware Editor’s Choice and rated: 90%


Skullcandy FIX


It’s all in the name with these headphones. Designed to fit securely in the ear, Skullcandy market these headphones as a pair to suit the active user. The sound is well rounded leaning toward a bass sound with the friction free cable reducing distortion.

‘The earbuds are a comfortable firm fit that isolate noise well enough to hear the music and not so much that you could wander into oncoming traffic. Oh, just like it says on the tin, they stay in place too.’ RegHardware Rated: 70%

Click here to see our full range of headphones.

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Turn down the outside world with new Wolfson DS321D headphones. Pre order today!


WolfsonWolfson Digital Silence DS321D Noise Cancelling Headphone


If you’re one of these people that expect to hear your music and only your music when you plug in to your MP3 player you’ll be left bitterly disappointed by most headphones.

Enter the Wolfson DS321D. They use digital Ambient Noise Cancellation to reduce the background noise around you. Suddenly taking a flight becomes more appealing without the incessant drone of the engines to keep you company. Turn the outside world down and your own world up.

These headphones are also designed with an in-built microphone. Wolfson have made life even easier with the ability to control your music and your calls through the remote located on the headphone wires.

The headphones come with a carry case to make them portable and protected. The battery is rechargeable and you’ll not need to worry about the sound quality – it’s of a hifi standard!


Read more here and pre order today!


pre order

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