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Sony NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman - £1000.00

Sony NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman Now at AMP3!

Sony have been the big boys in portable audio for decades and with their Sony NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman they are aiming high once again.

 Sony NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman - £1000.00

Sony NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman – £1000.00

The NW-WM1A is a premium Walkman designed for optimal sound quality. Feel every note and nuance with High-Resolution Audio and hear the difference in your music with balanced sound, anywhere you go. Designed for high resolution playback, the NW-WM1A supports the very latest 384 kHz/32-bit rate and DSD Native Playback.


Featuring up to 30 hours of continuous High-Resolution Audio playback (FLAC 96 kHz/24bit), the NW-WM1A Walkman is ready to play whenever you’re ready to listen. Add the 128GB internal memory which can be expanded by micro SD card and Bluetooth connectivity and the Sony NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman is the whole package.


The NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman is available from £1000.00, head over to AMP3 for more details;



AMP3 Speakers Buyer’s Guide

Sometimes you just need to crank the volume up so, AMP3 have put together this handy buyer’s guide for our range of speakers.

If you’re after a new set of desktop bookshelf, Bluetooth, or even multi-room wireless speakers, AMP3 have you covered.


Audioengine 2+ Premium Powered Desktop Speakers

Audioengine A2+ Speakers - £195

Audioengine A2+ Speakers – £195

About a 1/3 of the size of their big brother (the A5+), the Audioengine A2+ are your answer to poor quality, affordable desktop speakers. These powered Multimedia speakers are the perfect size for your desktop and will give a marked improvement on basic computer speakers.


With built-in amplifiers, newly designed Kevlar woofers and the same custom tweeters used in the A5+, the A2+ speakers are perfect for all types of music, movies and videogames. Also, the A2+ has a built in DAC allowing you to get much-improved sound quality through a USB connection with your computer.


What makes the A2+ Speakers great?

Simple ‘plug in & play’ connections

Built-in power amplifiers and USB DAC functionality

Perfect for all types of music


What’s not so good?

Better suited for use in smaller rooms


You can see the A2+ Speakers here:

Audioengine 2+ (A2+) Premium Powered Desktop Speakers


SoundScience QSB – 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology

Soundscience QSB USB Speakers - £19.99

Soundscience QSB USB Speakers – £19.99

These desktop computer speakers from SoundScience plug straight into the USB slot on your computer to give you instant volume. Capable of delivering a much greater sound than similar small desktop speakers, the QSB speakers have been praised by many for their astonishing output.


Being powered solely through a USB connection the QSBs are portable and even come with a handy hard case for when not in use. What’s more, the experts over at What HiFi? gave them an impressive 5/5!


What makes the QSB – 30W USB Desktop Speakers Great?

Stylish and sturdily built

Impressive sound quality and volume given their size



What’s not so great?

Quite heavy, though remain portable

Perhaps not bassy enough for some


See the QSB – 30W USB Desktop Speakers here:

QSB – 30W USB Desktop Speakers


Sony SRS-X7 Portable Wireless Speaker

Sony SRS-X7 Wireless/Bluetooth Speaker - £259

Sony SRS-X7 Wireless/Bluetooth Speaker – £259

The SRS-X7 Wireless Speaker is one of Sony’s newest speakers, and comes packed with plenty of features. This 32W wireless speaker offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and support for Apple Airplay and DLNA streaming.


With 6 hours of battery life when using Bluetooth the SRS-X7 is a great portable speaker that offers fantastic sound quality. Download the handy Songpal app free of charge to easily control your music and tweak settings. The Speaker even features Sony’s Clearaudio + technology, automatically choosing the best sound settings for each song for lazier listeners.


What makes the Sony SRS-X7 great?

Excellent connectivity options (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, Airplay, DLNA)

32W of clear and robust sound

Sleek minimalist design


What’s not so great?

Battery could be longer


See the Sony SRS-X7 here:

Sony SRS-X7 Portable Wireless Speaker


Sony MHC-V7D High-Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth

Sony MHC-V7D High-Power Home Audio System - £479

Sony MHC-V7D High-Power Home Audio System – £479


If you’re looking for a speaker system to cater to all your needs, look no further than the feature –packed Sony MHC-V7D Home Audio System. The MHC-V7D offers a window-shattering 1550W level sound pressure – perfect for ticking off your neighbours.


The MHC-V7D Home Sound System supports both Bluetooth and even has a CD player – retro! As if this wasn’t enough, Sony have added LED lighting effects that sync with your music, ‘party-chain’ support to add other speakers, Karaoke modes – even DJ effects – to truly get your party going.

What makes the Sony MHC-V7DHome Audio System Great?

Absolutely huge sound, perfect for parties

Karaoke & DJ effects; Built-in Light Show syncs with your music

Bluetooth, NFC and CD player built in

What’s not so great?

Quite chunky

May make you unpopular with your neighbours

See the Sony MHC-V7D High-Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth here-

Sony MHC-V7D Home Audio System


SONOS PLAY: 1 Mini But Mighty Wireless HiFi System Speaker

SONOS PLAY:1 Wireless Multi-room Speaker - £169

SONOS PLAY:1 Wireless Multi-room Speaker – £169

The PLAY: 1 is perfect for introducing wireless music to your home. The PLAY: 1 connects to your wireless network and can be controlled through the dedicated Sonos app – from anywhere in your house. Small and simple to set up, the PLAY: 1 is surprisingly loud and delivers tremendous sound quality.


You can add more SONOS speakers to get your favourite tunes played wirelessly in multiple rooms, or even have a different song for each room!


What Makes the Sonos PLAY: 1 Great?

Great sound quality

Play all your music wirelessly

Control each speaker separately or together from the app


What’s not so great?

No inputs for other devices


See the SONOS PLAY: 1 here –

SONOS PLAY: 1 Mini But Mighty Wireless HiFi System Speaker

Cowon Plenue 1 - £740

AMP3′s High Resolution Player Buyer’s Guide

If you’re going to listen to your favourite tunes, they may as well sound the best they can and that’s where High Resolution audio comes in. With demand for High Resolution music growing by the day, we’ve put together a list of the best sounding players, designed to give you the best from your favourite artists.


Cowon Plenue 1 High Resolution Player

 First up in our list is Cowon’s Flagship player, the Cowon Pleune 1.

The Plenue 1 features a beautiful new UI

Cowon Plenue 1 – £740

Cowon’s greatest player to date, the Plenue 1 is Cowon’s first big step toward the top end of the market. All support for ‘unnecessary extras’ such as video playback has been stripped away, allowing the P1 to focus on producing the best sound it possibly can, making your favourite tracks a joy to listen to.


With 128GB of internal memory and the option to expand up to 256GB, support for FLAC, WAV, DXD and DSD up to 192kHz/24-bit resolution and a streamlined UI, Cowon have created one of the best sounding players on the market at the moment.


What makes the Cowon Plenue 1 great?

128GB of internal memory with the option to expand

Support for high resolution file types

Intuitive user interface


What’s not so great?

Battery playback time of ~ 10hrs

No earphones included with player


See the Cowon Plenue 1 here:

Cowon Plenue 1 High Resolution Music Player


iBasso DX90 High Performance Digital Audio Player

iBasso DX90 - £295

iBasso DX90 – £295

Identical in almost every way, the DX90 may be easily confused for its little brother the DX50. The same simple UI, 8GB internal memory with support up to 2TB promised, and supporting all the usual audio files the DX90 may not seem so exciting at first glance.


The main difference between the two players is the DX90’s Dual ES9018K2M DAC design. Incorporating a single DAC per channel (one left, one right) the DX90 manages to minimise interference between channels, providing you with an excellent sound quality hard to find at this price.


What makes the DX90 great?

Same great file support and UI as the DX50

8GB internal memory expandable up to 2TB with future firmware updates

Dual DAC design provides superior sound


What’s not so good?

Only 8GB of internal storage, though this is expandable

Screen may be difficult to see in direct sunlight


See the iBasso DX90 here:

iBasso DX90 High Performance Digital Audio Player


Sony NWZ-A15 High Resolution Walkman

Sony NWZ-A15 £159

Sony NWZ-A15 – £159

The A10 series is the new range produced by industry experts Sony in their new drive towards high resolution music. The A15 has proven very popular already, and it’s no surprise.


The A15 is the world’s smallest and lightest Hi-res audio player, making it great for listening on the go and features both Bluetooth and NFC support. The 16GB player also features a Micro SD card slot with support for up to 128GB.


What makes the A15 great?

Very portable and easy to use

Expandable memory with 16GB built-in

50 hour battery life


What’s not so good?

Proprietary port for charging/syncing


See the Sony NWZ-A15 here:

Sony NWZ-A15 High Resolution Walkman


Astell & Kern AK240 High Fidelity Sound System

Astell & Kern AK240 - £2199.99

Astell & Kern AK240 – £2199.99

The Astell & Kern AK240 is unquestionably the best player on the market at the moment. Designed and built by a division of iRiver, the AK240 will bring you closer to your favourite artist than you probably thought possible.


The Grand-daddy of portable audio players, the AK240 features a sleek UI and a space-age body. Inside, the AK240 has 256GB of memory and supports expansion via Micro SD card up to a massive 384GB. A Dual DAC design, balanced output, DSD support, MQS streaming and USB DAC functionality mean the Astell & Kern AK240 is truly the best sounding piece of kit in the portable audio market at the moment.


What makes the AK240 great?

Huge 384GB memory (with 128GB Micro SD card)

Great file support, including high resolution formats

MQS streaming

The best sound quality of any potable audio player on the market


What’s not so great?

The odd shape may not suite everyone’s taste

The price


See the AK240 here:

Astell & Kern AK240 256GB Portable High Fidelity Sound System


FiiO X3 All New 2nd Gen High Resolution Digital Audio Player

FiiO X3 2nd Gen - £159

FiiO X3 2nd Gen – £159

Lastly, but certainly not least is FiiO’s X3 High Resolution player. Despite being at the lower end of the market, the X3 2nd Gen can still hold its own against more expensive players. With support for all the usual file formats (including DSD and ALAC), the X3 2nd Gen offers immersive sound quality that belies its low-end price.


The X3 2nd Gen will do double duty as a digital audio player and USB DAC when connected to your computer, satisfying your music needs at home and on the go. With a Micro SD card slot supporting cards up to 128GB you can literally bring your entire music library with you.


What makes the FiiO X3 2nd Gen Digital Audio Player great?

Excellent sound quality for the price point

Doubles up as a USB DAC

Support for in-line remote


What’s not so great?

No internal memory

Scroll wheel and UI can be fiddly


See the FiiO X3 All New 2nd Gen High Resolution Digital Audio Player here:

FiiO X3 All New 2nd Gen High Resolution Digital Audio Player

Sony Sony MDR-EX650AP Smartphone-Capable In-Ear Brass Housing Earphones - £45.00

Sony and SoundMAGIC ‘best earphones to buy in 2015′

What Hi-Fi? have released a list of the best earphones to buy in 2015, including the SoundMAGIC E10S and the Sony MDR-EX650AP earphones.

Sony Sony MDR-EX650AP Smartphone-Capable In-Ear Brass Housing Earphones - £45.00

Sony Sony MDR-EX650AP Smartphone-Capable In-Ear Brass Housing Earphones – £45.00

Both pairs of earphones have previously been awarded 5 stars in individual What Hi-Fi? reviews, and this new mention on their list only adds to the heaps of praise both sets of earphones have been receiving.

SoundMAGIC E10S in Silver/Black - £39.99

SoundMAGIC E10S in Silver/Black – £39.99

You can see the What Hi-Fi? roundup of best earphones to purchase in 2015 here: http://www.whathifi.com/news/best-in-ear-headphones-to-buy-in-2014

Head over to AMP3 for more details on both sets:

Sony MDR-EX650AP



Sony's new flagship player - NWZ-ZX2 (£949)

Sony’s New Flagship NWZ-ZX2 Coming Soon to AMP3


Sony's new flagship player - NWZ-ZX2 (£949)

Sony’s new flagship player – NWZ-ZX2 (£949)


Coming soon to AMP3, Sony’s new flagship audio player has been turning some heads already.


With Sony making a public commitment to high resolution audio last year they have really stepped up their game in pushing hi-res format (they even had Moby explain why Hi-Res is important), and the new NWZ-ZX2 is the culmination of their commitment to high resolution.


Released as part of a raft of new portable players, headphones and speakers the ZX2 stands out immediately from other audio players for its price. At just under £1000 it seems that Sony are asking rather a lot for a portable audio player, especially considering that most of us now carry smartphones everywhere we go – some of which are capable of playing some high resolution formats.


The ZX2 ships with a nice leather case to keep the screen protected

This being said, a closer look at the features of the NWZ-ZX2 shows you where your money is going.

And there are plenty of features here too. Being Sony’s new flagship player the ZX2 supports all the usual digital formats meaning it will play pretty much whatever you throw at it, including PCM and DSD files.


As with many of Sony’s newer devices, the ZX2 Walkman features a clever piece of software developed by Sony in their quest to bring hi res to the masses. The DSEE HX™ software boasts the ability to improve the sound quality of your music, even if you aren’t using high resolution files.


Now, some audiophiles out there will tell you that it’s impossible to take a format such as MP3 and ‘boost’ it to high resolution quality, and they’d be right; your player can’t decode information that isn’t there in the first place. And this is the reason Sony’s DSEE HX technology is so clever – it is essentially is an algorithm designed to scan your files and to ‘predict’ what information appears to be missing, resulting in a smoother waveform and upscaling your MP3 to ‘near hi-res audio’.

Some may call it a gimmick but it actually works surprisingly well, helping to smooth things out and giving a clearer sound.

Talking about clever tech developed by Sony we should probably mention the fact that the ZX2 features a special new audio technology developed by Sony called LDAC. Normally Bluetooth will downgrade your audio quality as the wireless technology simply can’t transfer enough data; aptX Bluetooth won’t even bring you CD-quality playback. Transferring up to 3x the data, LDAC allows high quality wireless listening through compatible devices.


Along with this the ZX2 features NFC compatibility allowing you to connect to your favourite devices with a single touch.


The ZX2 features NFC one-touch connection

The ZX2 features NFC one-touch connection


The ZX2 has updated on the original ZX1’s design, offering a more streamlined player with rounded edges and recessed buttons. The ZX2 also ships with a snug leather case, allowing access to all the physical buttons, but keeping your screen well protected. The screen itself is a high quality 4inch touch-screen and the ZX2 runs Android 4.2 meaning you can connect to the Google Play store.


The battery life has also been extended to 60 hours of MP3 playback and up to 33 hours of hi-res audio playback. The 128GB internal memory can be supplemented by a Micro SD card giving you plenty of scope to carry your music library wherever you go.


All in all the Sony NWZ-ZX2 is an impressive piece of kit. Perhaps bearing a large price-tag, but the ZX2 is packed full of specialist technology designed specifically by Sony to give you the best listening experience wherever you are. And all of this for less than half the price of an Astell & Kern AK240; bargain.

The Sony NWZ-ZX2 High-Resolution is expected to be in stock by the beginning of March.

Head over to AMP3 for further details:

Sony NWZ-ZX2 High-Resolution Walkman


Sony Walkman Roundup


The Sony NWZ-A15 (£159)


Sony have always been a big name in the portable audio world, and with the recent announcement at CES 2015 of their new Flagship player the NWZ-ZX2, Sony is really pulling out the big guns in order to push High Resolution audio.


The new NWZ-ZX2 won’t be available for some time unfortunately, but we have plenty of other Sony goodies to keep you busy until then. Read on for a roundup of Sony players now available at AMP3.


Sony NWZ-A15

The A15 was launched later last year and has proven hugely popular since it became available. The A15 is marketed as the ‘smallest and lightest’ High Resolution player on the market, and it certainly is very small; weighing in at a measly 66g you’re likely to forget that the player is in your pocket.


The A15 boasts an impressive 30 hour playback when listening to High Resolution files, and this jumps up to 50 hours when using plain old MP3s, meaning fewer charges and more time listening.


The player supports a multitude of file formats making it compatible with all the latest High Resolution download services. (Find Sony’s list of High Resolution download services here: http://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/hi-res-audio-music-services)


The A15 is available with 16GB of internal memory and this is expandable via Micro SD card by up to 128GB. The player also features NFC and Bluetooth for easy pairing to your favourite Bluetooth speakers or earphones.


Head to the product page to get more info and pricing:

Sony NWZ-A15 16GB High-Resolution Walkman® – The Smallest and Lightest High-Res Audio Player


Sony NWZ-ZE585

The Sony ZE585 is Sony’s budget player, but don’t let that fool you – the ZE585 is still a great player.


The ZE585 ships with 16GB of storage, and boasts an impressive 77 hour battery life from a single charge. The ZE585 also features Sony’s ClearAudio+ software to optimise listening settings for each track and digital noise cancelling said to remove up to 98% of ambient sound so you can focus on the music.


Head over to the product page for more details:

Sony NWZE585 16GB MP3 Walkman Player with Video and Noise Cancelling


Sony NWZ-M504

Sony’s NWZ-M504 Walkman is a tiny MP3 player that has some interesting features.


Sony NWZ-M504 (£129)


The M504 has 8GB of internal memory allowing you to transfer about 1000 songs to the player, and will last for 15 hours of continuous music playback. It also features a tiny 0.9inch screen and Digital Noise Cancelling. Pretty standard issue stuff.


The interesting features come in to play when you hook the M504 up to your phone via NFC or Bluetooth. Not only can the M504 act as a headset for your smartphone, but you can wirelessly stream music and even enhance the sound quality as you do so – pretty neat for such a small player.


Head over to the product page to get more details:

Sony NWZ-M504 8GB Walkman® with NFC & Bluetooth


Sony WS Series

The WS Series has been designed by Sony for people with active lifestyles.


NWS-WS Series - available in 4GB and 16GB (from £129)

NWS-WS Series – available in 4GB and 16GB (from £129)

The WS Series combine in ear wireless headphones and a light-weight mp3 player to allow freedom of movement whilst on the go.


The WS Series can be controlled by buttons on either earpiece or wirelessly with the included compact ring remote, allowing you to change tracks easily when you need a little extra motivation in the gym.


The players are waterproof making the WS Series perfect for use in the pool or other fresh water sports.
Add to this a lightning fast 3 minute charge (up to 60 minutes playback) and the ability to connect your smartphone or other device via NFC and Bluetooth and you truly have a very versatile MP3 player perfect for those with active lifestyles.


Head to the product page to get more details:

Sony NWZ-WS615 Waterproof 16GB WS Series Sports MP3 Walkman


There we have it, all the newest Sony players available at AMP3. Keep your eyes glued to our Facebook page and the blog for updates on Sony’s NWZ-ZX2!


Head over to the Sony section of our store for more Sony products:

AMP3′s Sony Store


Sony Unleash New Awesome Earphones



We’re incredibly pleased to announce that Advanced MP3 Players will be stocking the fantastic new range of premium quality earphones from Sony. Not only do these earphones look modern and stylish but they’ll also work wonders in making the most of your music. Ranging between £99.00 and £179.00 there’s a little something for everyone and nearly any budget.


These earphones feature Balanced Armature drivers and deliver a rich, full sound with strong bass, clear vocals, and bright, clear mids and high frequencies. Furthermore, there are versions with inline remotes and mics for music lovers who want to use a mobile phone to listen to songs and don’t want to miss any incoming calls. Most importantly these earphones are unobtrusive in the ear and have a very decent fit – this means that you shouldn’t have to worry about sore ears of buds falling out and spoiling your enjoyment.


So, if you’re looking for a new set of earphones and want strong sound, bold design and plenty of comfort then these new offerings from Sony come highly recommended. You can find more information about these new earphones at the links below and if you have any questions then don’t hesitate getting in touch.


Sony XBA-2 Premium Quality In-Ear Noise Isolating Balanced Armature Headphones (£99.00).

Sony XBA-2iP Premium Quality In-Ear Noise Isolating Balanced Armature Headphones with Inline remote and mic (£120.00).

Sony XBA-4 Premium Quality In-Ear Noise Isolating Balanced Armature Headphones (£159.00).

Sony XBA-4iP Premium Quality In-Ear Noise Isolating Balanced Armature Heaphones with Inline remote and mic (£179.00).





Audiophile grade Sony player boasts Android OS


Sony NWZ-Z1060 32GB Android Walkman MP3/4 Player With 4.3″ Touch Screen



The latest Sony personal media playing device is the beautiful Sony NWZ-Z1060. Android enabled and loaded with the very best technology, the Sony NWZ-Z1060 plays both video and audio files in stunning clarity. The Sony NWZ-Z1060 has been expertly engineered to reproduce sound with higher than ever noise and distortion reduction levels.


S-Master MX technology typically used to power AV receivers, HiFi amplifiers and hi-end theatre systems, has been optimized for mobile devices where the Sony NWZ-Z1060 is the flagship model. This power drives the Sony NWZ-Z1060’s digital amplifier which has been upgraded from previous models to include further reduction of the jitter process, feedback and improved volume control. TheNWZ-Z1060 comes with 32GB of sound and is the best sounding Sony player yet.


Get yours today for £274!

Buy now


Sony tablet S tablet is now in stock! Read more here.


Sony S Series 1GHz 16GB Android 3.1 “Honeycomb” Wi-Fi Internet Tablet PC With 9.4″ Screen

~ £349 ~

The super stylish Sony S Series tablet has arrived and provides an outstanding experience.

The asymmetric design provides well balanced handling where the tablet is weighted intuitively to maximise comfort when using.

Enjoy the pre-installed Android apps and download many more from the selection of thousands online.


Sony S


This is a seriously slick new player from Sony. Read the product description here.


Check it out



Sony Wi-Fi eBook makes RegHardware’s Best eBooks of 2011 list

Sony readerSony Wifi eBook


~ £129 ~

The Sony eBook has been included in the RegHardware Best eBooks of 2011 round-up. To see how it fared over at RegHardware click here.



The Sony eBook advances the standard features of the average eBook making reading more accessible than ever. The Sony eBook is Wifi connected so you have instant access to online book stores. This is handy as you can download the latest books straight on to your Sony reader in a matter of seconds. The internal space is generous allowing for up to 1200 books and there is option to expand the capacity to have tens of thousands of books if need be. Wifi also gives you access to sites such as Google and Wikipedia giving you easy and immediate points of reference.


The physicality of the eBook is important here. It is not just a lump of technology that displays the text of a book. It takes typical reading habits into consideration and has made a model that will suit most people. It is lightweight with a 6” touchscreen that responds easily to the touch of a finger or the included stylus. The body is slim and comfortable to hold in most positions. The screen is much like the page of a book with no backlight to strain the eye.


Extra features include 12 dictionaries and the function to play music. What else could you need?


Read more here.


The Sony eBook is available to pre-order today.


pre order

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