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Archos 35 Tested and Loved by Tech Made Easy! Check Out its Great Review!

The Archos 35 is nifty little gadget for unique digital experience!

If you’re looking for an Android Tablet, the 35 isn’t for you. This time, Archos have decided to develop a dedicated digital media playing gadget! This is without a doubt an excellent all round portable media player. Tech Made Easy tested and reviewed it for you:

Overall: 8.5/10

“We like it for its originality”

“It’s clear that the Vision is designed purely as a media playback device, which is fine; some people don’t want a device that keeps them connected to the rest of the world or allows them to play the latest games.  They just want a media player. Fortunately, the 35 Vision can fill this role, and fill it well.”

“This leads us on nicely to battery life. Archos quote the battery as being good for 14 hours of music, 5 hours of SD video or 3 hours of HD video.”

“If you accept the 35 Vision for what it is, a basic personal media player, then it does offer great value for money.

Please the full review here

ARCHOS 35 Vision 8GB MP3 Player with 3.5″ Touch Screen, 1080P Video Playback and HDMI Output – Only £89




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It is the Jaybird Freedom First Review!

This afternoon, Advanced MP3 Players team is delighted:

Tech Made Easy are the 1st to have published a review on the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones!

The world smallest Bluetooth headset is a tiny in ear headphones specially designed for athletes and active lifestyle. Sold out at Gadget Show Live, the “Freedom” continues to hit AMP3!

Tech Made Easy:

“This is the first pair of Bluetooth of headphones I’ve owned, but not the first I’ve tried.  That in itself tells you a lot.  This is the first pair of wireless headphones that I’ve felt were worth the money, and at £99 that’s saying something.

“The sound quality and volume are great, as is the independence of wires.  In my tests I’ve found that battery life is around 4-5 hours of constant, loud use which is more than enough for your average workout session or train journey.

“The noise isolation is another great feature, especially on a busy train or while out in the street running.  It allows you to enjoy your music at lower volume levels without having to put up with surrounding noise.  Great for battery life, those around you, but most importantly; your hearing.

Looks:   9 / 10

Usability: 9 / 10

Quality: 10 / 10

Price: 8 / 10

Overall:  9 / 10.” (read the full review here)

Jaybird Freedom – Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones with apt-X Sound Technology – £99

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Buy Your Own Freedom From Wires With The New Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones!

Jaybird Freedom Headphones launched this week  in Birmingham,  it’s one of the best new technologies according to live feedback from Gadgets Enthusiasts at Gadget Show!

These headphones were also hugely successful during the Press Day! Tech made Easy’s Editor had the chance to test and review them for you:

“The Freedom headphones extend Jaybirds existing lineup of Bluetooth devices, this time with in-ear headphones at the heart of the design.

“The design of these phones is absolutely flawless, with minimal controls (volume, on/off) allowing the phones to feel incredibly light in the ear.

“I usually have problems with in-ear phones fitting properly, but experienced no problems at all with the Freedom headphones due to both the reduced weight and the excellent rubberised buds.

“The noise isolation works well, and even in a packed NEC hall I was able to listen to music streamed from a phone via Bluetooth with absolute clarity, something my wired Sennheiser headphones couldn’t manage on the same day.”

- read the full review here –

Ready to experience freedom?

Find out more on these amazing headphones by clicking here

Available for pre-order at www.amp3.co.uk.


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