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Stunning New Desktop Network Audio Player from Astell & Kern

The AK500N - The Ultimate High-Res MQS Network Audio Player

The AK500N – The Ultimate High-Res MQS Network Audio Player – £8,999.00


Astell & Kern have done it again.


Building on the back of their rather excellent AK240 (and its little brothers the AK100 ii and AK120 ii) the team over at Astell & Kern have produced another brilliant product, this time in the shape of desktop network audio player, the AK500N.


Not sure what a network audio player does? Well, in the case of the AK500N, it does it all.


Astell & Kern have graced the AK500N with one-click CD ripping to either WAV or FLAC, DLNA network capabilities and PCM to DSD conversion.



Playback is driven by the internal battery in order to cut out ‘noise’ from the AC power supply; charging happens outside of playback, or when the battery reaches 4% capacity.


The flip-up 7inch touchscreen is a nice touch, allowing you to control your music playback easily and quickly.


The AK500N features internal memory to allow super speedy playback, but this can also be complimented by external memory via the dedicated USB port on the back of the device.
In fact, the AK500N has a whole range of inputs and outputs; coaxial, optical, USB types A and B, Ethernet, BNC and both fixed and variable analogue outputs.


The networking capability is also a great feature, with the ability to connect with phones, tablets, your PC and of course Astell & Kern’s own range of portable players in order to stream and control playback.


At just under £9000 the AK500N may be out with many people’s price range, but the hefty price tag from A&K is nothing new. With the abundance of features and unquestionably excellent sound, the AK500N may be the desktop audio player many audiophile’s dream of.
Head over to AMP3 to get more details:

Astell & Kern AK500N – The Ulitmate High-Res MQS Network Audio Player


Get Inspired by Your New Creative MP3 Players!

Fancy a new MP3 Players?

Advanced MP3 Players advise you one of the new Creative devices!

Creative #1:

This MP3 Player is small, compact and offers pocket-sized portability for your digital music collection. With up to 32 hours of playback time from one charge you won’t find yourself running out of power halfway through your journey which is always a benefit. There are some nice features on this player, like the FM radio for an alternative source of music, the easy file transfer process and nice calendar, contacts and alarm features. An impressive attraction is the ability to play with your EQ to get your perfect sound response.

For a pocket-able MP3 Player the Zen 300 is a nice choice with a fantastic value price point.

Creative Zen Style 300 8GB MP3 Player with FM Radio – £56.99

Creative #2:

It’s clear to see where the inspiration for this MP3 Player has come from, but that’s not a bad thing. The stylish Creative Zen M100 features a 1.4 Inch touch sensitive screen which is easy to use and navigate through the various menu options. This is a 8GB MP3 player but with the option of expanding your memory capacity by 32GB via a MicroSD card you could call it limitless. The Creative Zen M100 MP3 Player is stylish and affordable choice for someone who is looking for a compact and portable MP3 Player.

Creative ZEN Style M100 Touch 8GB MP3 Player Colour BLACK – £49.99

Creative #3:

The stylish Creative Zen M300 features a 1.4 Inch touch sensitive screen which is easy to use and navigate through the various menu options. The expandable memory alternative gives you up to 32GB extra capacity to play with, which is perfect for anyone with a larger than life digital media collection. By including an FM Radio and Bluetooth to the M300 model Creative have made an ideal companion for your daily commutes.

Creative ZEN Style M300 Touch 8GB MP3 Player with Bluetooth and FM Radio – £59.99

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Archos 35 Tested and Loved by Tech Made Easy! Check Out its Great Review!

The Archos 35 is nifty little gadget for unique digital experience!

If you’re looking for an Android Tablet, the 35 isn’t for you. This time, Archos have decided to develop a dedicated digital media playing gadget! This is without a doubt an excellent all round portable media player. Tech Made Easy tested and reviewed it for you:

Overall: 8.5/10

“We like it for its originality”

“It’s clear that the Vision is designed purely as a media playback device, which is fine; some people don’t want a device that keeps them connected to the rest of the world or allows them to play the latest games.  They just want a media player. Fortunately, the 35 Vision can fill this role, and fill it well.”

“This leads us on nicely to battery life. Archos quote the battery as being good for 14 hours of music, 5 hours of SD video or 3 hours of HD video.”

“If you accept the 35 Vision for what it is, a basic personal media player, then it does offer great value for money.

Please the full review here

ARCHOS 35 Vision 8GB MP3 Player with 3.5″ Touch Screen, 1080P Video Playback and HDMI Output – Only £89




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New: The Elonex eTouch Blade! A Stylish, High Performance Tablet!

Elonex 1044ET eTouch Blade – A Sophisticated Internet Tablet

Worth A Try Now!

Why choosing the eTouch Blade?

  1. New style with iPadish looks
  2. Only 690g and slim-line design: only 11mm
  3. Great Multi-Touch feature and 1024x600px resolution
  4. Sleek Android 2.2 OS: access hundreds and thousands of Apps
  5. Built-in WiFi
  6. Battery life that does last up to 5 Hours

- full product description here -

Elonex 1044ET eTouch Blade – Android 2.2 Froyo Internet Tablet with 10″ Screen Built-in Wifi and HDMI Output – £179.00

Available for pre-order NOW – Click Here

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Flash Sales: Up to £50 Off Archos Internet Tablets!

Don’t miss the exclusive sales on Archos Internet Tablets

Limited Stock & Limited Time

Whether you are looking for your first tablet PC or want to replace your old one, benefit from the great offer on Archos Best Internet Tablets: up to £50 off!

From the Archos 101, to the Archos 70 to the Archos Arnova, find the one that will best suit your needs and that will match with your budget.

Click here for more information about this offer


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A Visionary MP3 Player Has Landed on AMP3 – Say Hello to the Archos 35!

Archos is back on Advanced MP3 Players with a nifty new gadget: the  Archos 35 Vision 8GB MP3 Player with 3.5″ Touch Screen, 1080P Video Playback and HDMI Output!

An Ideal Device for the movie buff!

Why is AMP3′s staff  all excited about this new gem?

This is without a doubt an excellent all round portable media player! Playing back most digital content with ease on it’s clear 3.5″ screen couldn’t be simpler. The 1080P playback is an excellent feature, especially with the ability to playback your movies on the BIG HDTV via HDMI. With everyone’s digital media collection constantly expanding the ability to expand your memory capacity by a Micro SD or SDHC card is a desirable feature – thank you Archos for including it! 14 Hour Audio playback and 5 Hour video playback is fair and will see you through most commutes to and from work.

ARCHOS 35 Vision 8GB MP3 Player with 3.5″ Touch Screen, 1080P Video Playback and HDMI Output – Only £89

- Please click on here if you fancy more information -


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Fancy A FREE Gift? Take Part in The New AMP3 Competition and Get a Chance to Win a NU Dolphin Touch Waterproof MP3 Player!

This Month, Advanced MP3 Player is offering you the opportunity to win a NU Dolphin Touch 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player!

How to take part? It is easy, go onwww.amp3.co.uk and enter your name and email address. The winner will receive an email on the 31/05/11!

The NU Dolphin a perfect MP3 Players for all water sports. The waterproof MP3 Player has a handy touch screen to help you pick tracks to bannish boredom from your weekly work out!

So don’t wait and participate in this great new competition

Good luck everyone

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The Land of Android Tablets Accomodates two Newborn: Elonex 1044ET eTouch Blade and View Quest Slate!

Two new Internet Tablets have landed at Advanced MP3 Players:

Say hello to Elonex 1044ET eTouch Blade and View Quest Slate!

New Elonex’s Baby Mensurations:

  • Sophisticated Design
  • 10 Inch Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Multi-Touch Tecnology
  • G-Sensor
  • Access to Android Apps
  • 4GB Solid State Storage
  • Android 2.2 Mobile Operating System
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Multiple connection ports
  • Expandable memory via Micro SD Card slot
  • In-Built Microphone
  • In-Built Speaker
  • In-Built camera

Elonex 1044ET eTouch Blade – Android 2.2 Froyo Internet Tablet with 10″ Screen Built-in Wifi and HDMI Output£179

New View Quest’s Baby Mensurations:

  • 8″ Capacitive Touch Screen with Multi-Touch
  • Touch Vibration
  • Quick and responsive menu system
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Access to View Quest app store with over 1000 apps
  • Smooth aluminium casing

View Quest Slate – 2GB Android 2.1 (upgradable) Internet Tablet with 8″ Capacitive Screen with Camera£199

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Archos 70 – A Budget Winner!

Trusted Reviews had a look at the Archos 70 Internet Table:

“It lacks the desirability of other more expensive tablets and its display is average, but thanks to its good touchscreen and decent processor, the Archos 70 is a budget winner.”

Watch this great video-review to learn more about Archos 70 – A definitively good choice for Internet Tablet’s enthusiasts looking for a good quality-price Android gems. Click here to watch the full video.

Fancy getting an Archos 70 Android Tablet? Excellent choice, check the two fantastic deals currently available at Advanced MP3 Players!

1- Archos 70 – 250GB (HDD) Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ Internet Tablet with 7″ Screen – Only £224.00 (WAS £269.99)

2- Archos 70 – 8GB (Flash) Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ Internet Tablet with 7″ Display- Only £195.00 (WAS £229.99)

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