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Sonos Play:3 Arrives at Advanced MP3 Players! Pre-Order Now!

The most anticipated Sonos Unit  - “Sonos Play:3″ – is landing in Advanced MP3 Players Next Week!

Available now for Pre-Order!

Sonos have decided to launch a new wireless speaker system. This new product seems very promising and more affordable (£259).

Sonsos PLAY: 3 All-In-One Speaker System

TrustedReviews says…

“The Sonos range has just opened-up to a whole new swathe of buyers. A £249 price tag may not make the Sonos Play:3 an impulse buy, but buying a Sonos system isn’t the imposing prospect it once was. With sound quality better than you might expect of its small stature, this is a cheaper, less conspicuous alternative to the B&W Zeppelin Air.” (click here to read more)

What Hi-Fi tells us:

“The speaker can be used on its own, or as a pair for stereo sound, and can also be flicked between vertical and horizontal, changing their tonal balance as they do so.”

“With a new brand logo to match the new names, it marks a fresh onslaught on the ‘wireless hi-fi’ (Sonos’s preferred term) market.” (click here to read the full article).

Available NOW at Advanced MP3 Players

- Click here to find out more -

Archos 70 – A Budget Winner!

Trusted Reviews had a look at the Archos 70 Internet Table:

“It lacks the desirability of other more expensive tablets and its display is average, but thanks to its good touchscreen and decent processor, the Archos 70 is a budget winner.”

Watch this great video-review to learn more about Archos 70 – A definitively good choice for Internet Tablet’s enthusiasts looking for a good quality-price Android gems. Click here to watch the full video.

Fancy getting an Archos 70 Android Tablet? Excellent choice, check the two fantastic deals currently available at Advanced MP3 Players!

1- Archos 70 – 250GB (HDD) Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ Internet Tablet with 7″ Screen – Only £224.00 (WAS £269.99)

2- Archos 70 – 8GB (Flash) Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ Internet Tablet with 7″ Display- Only £195.00 (WAS £229.99)

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With MEElectronics SP51P Buy One Get Three Headphones!

MEElectronics SP51P have just been reviewed by Trusted Reviews:

“Offer three different tonalities thanks to the trio of tuning ports included in the package.”

Yes when you buy MEElectronics SP51P you can customize your earphones with different tuning ports. Switch from pounding bass to a relaxing neutral sound or onto a fun sound with a little enhanced bass any time you want without splashing our for three different headphones!

Rated 8/10, the SP51P have definitively convinced Trusted Reviews:

“These are no ordinary earphones.”
“A fairly balanced, bassy and detailed sound at a good price.”

Read the detailed review here

These stunning headphones are available at AMP3 at a surprising price; find out now!

MEElectronics SP51P Sound Preference In-Ear Headphone with Sound Tuning with inline mic and remote for iPhone and smartphones – £44.99

- full product description here -

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Cowon J3 – The Perfect Match For Those Who Care About Audio Quality!

Cowon J3 – the new words to use when you want to describe “astonishing audio quality”

Trusted Reviews have recently tested the Cowon J3. Once again audio quality seems to be Cowon J3′s top quality:

“Excellent sound quality and now-rare audio recording features make the Cowon J3 a top buy for sound quality enthusiasts.

“Pros: Superb sound quality, Excellent EQ, Clear AMOLED display.”

The Cowon is also impressively light and therefore its fits easily in your pocket when you’re on the go:

“Our first impression on picking up the device was how light and insubstantial it feels (…) – just 76g”

- read the full review here – The Cowon J3 is a perfect portable media player for all audio enthusiasts. With stunning its touch screen, long life battery and fantastic videos capabilities, you will love your Cowon J3.

Check its availability here – from £159.

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