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Sony NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman - £1000.00

Sony NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman Now at AMP3!

Sony have been the big boys in portable audio for decades and with their Sony NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman they are aiming high once again.

 Sony NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman - £1000.00

Sony NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman – £1000.00

The NW-WM1A is a premium Walkman designed for optimal sound quality. Feel every note and nuance with High-Resolution Audio and hear the difference in your music with balanced sound, anywhere you go. Designed for high resolution playback, the NW-WM1A supports the very latest 384 kHz/32-bit rate and DSD Native Playback.


Featuring up to 30 hours of continuous High-Resolution Audio playback (FLAC 96 kHz/24bit), the NW-WM1A Walkman is ready to play whenever you’re ready to listen. Add the 128GB internal memory which can be expanded by micro SD card and Bluetooth connectivity and the Sony NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman is the whole package.


The NWWM1AB 128GB Flagship High Resolution Walkman is available from £1000.00, head over to AMP3 for more details;



Sony Walkman Roundup


The Sony NWZ-A15 (£159)


Sony have always been a big name in the portable audio world, and with the recent announcement at CES 2015 of their new Flagship player the NWZ-ZX2, Sony is really pulling out the big guns in order to push High Resolution audio.


The new NWZ-ZX2 won’t be available for some time unfortunately, but we have plenty of other Sony goodies to keep you busy until then. Read on for a roundup of Sony players now available at AMP3.


Sony NWZ-A15

The A15 was launched later last year and has proven hugely popular since it became available. The A15 is marketed as the ‘smallest and lightest’ High Resolution player on the market, and it certainly is very small; weighing in at a measly 66g you’re likely to forget that the player is in your pocket.


The A15 boasts an impressive 30 hour playback when listening to High Resolution files, and this jumps up to 50 hours when using plain old MP3s, meaning fewer charges and more time listening.


The player supports a multitude of file formats making it compatible with all the latest High Resolution download services. (Find Sony’s list of High Resolution download services here: http://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/hi-res-audio-music-services)


The A15 is available with 16GB of internal memory and this is expandable via Micro SD card by up to 128GB. The player also features NFC and Bluetooth for easy pairing to your favourite Bluetooth speakers or earphones.


Head to the product page to get more info and pricing:

Sony NWZ-A15 16GB High-Resolution Walkman® – The Smallest and Lightest High-Res Audio Player


Sony NWZ-ZE585

The Sony ZE585 is Sony’s budget player, but don’t let that fool you – the ZE585 is still a great player.


The ZE585 ships with 16GB of storage, and boasts an impressive 77 hour battery life from a single charge. The ZE585 also features Sony’s ClearAudio+ software to optimise listening settings for each track and digital noise cancelling said to remove up to 98% of ambient sound so you can focus on the music.


Head over to the product page for more details:

Sony NWZE585 16GB MP3 Walkman Player with Video and Noise Cancelling


Sony NWZ-M504

Sony’s NWZ-M504 Walkman is a tiny MP3 player that has some interesting features.


Sony NWZ-M504 (£129)


The M504 has 8GB of internal memory allowing you to transfer about 1000 songs to the player, and will last for 15 hours of continuous music playback. It also features a tiny 0.9inch screen and Digital Noise Cancelling. Pretty standard issue stuff.


The interesting features come in to play when you hook the M504 up to your phone via NFC or Bluetooth. Not only can the M504 act as a headset for your smartphone, but you can wirelessly stream music and even enhance the sound quality as you do so – pretty neat for such a small player.


Head over to the product page to get more details:

Sony NWZ-M504 8GB Walkman® with NFC & Bluetooth


Sony WS Series

The WS Series has been designed by Sony for people with active lifestyles.


NWS-WS Series - available in 4GB and 16GB (from £129)

NWS-WS Series – available in 4GB and 16GB (from £129)

The WS Series combine in ear wireless headphones and a light-weight mp3 player to allow freedom of movement whilst on the go.


The WS Series can be controlled by buttons on either earpiece or wirelessly with the included compact ring remote, allowing you to change tracks easily when you need a little extra motivation in the gym.


The players are waterproof making the WS Series perfect for use in the pool or other fresh water sports.
Add to this a lightning fast 3 minute charge (up to 60 minutes playback) and the ability to connect your smartphone or other device via NFC and Bluetooth and you truly have a very versatile MP3 player perfect for those with active lifestyles.


Head to the product page to get more details:

Sony NWZ-WS615 Waterproof 16GB WS Series Sports MP3 Walkman


There we have it, all the newest Sony players available at AMP3. Keep your eyes glued to our Facebook page and the blog for updates on Sony’s NWZ-ZX2!


Head over to the Sony section of our store for more Sony products:

AMP3′s Sony Store


What HiFi rate Sony NWZ A866 4/5 stars!


SonySony NWZ A867


‘Smooth and slick’ is not just a term of endearment. Not just plucked from a bank of phrases to describe tech products. It is a phrase that captures the very essence of the Sony NWZ A866 & NWZ A867 Walkman – a phrase that has been earned.
The Sony Walkman is indeed smooth and slick. The UI is easily navigated and highly responsive; the build – neat, minimal; the sound – excellent. A big name, a big release, a big marketing campaign will go a long way but not if the fundamentals are not in place. Under the fierce scrutiny of many and various tech reviewers money cannot (necessarily!) buy opinion.  With sound, Sony got it right and with that, everything else falls into place.


What HiFi agree too, giving it 4/5 stars. Read the full review here.



The 32GB and 64GB models are exclusively available from Advanced MP3 Players for £219 and £299. Take advantage of the 180 day Music Unlimited promotion too. Read more here.




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Sony Walkman NWZ A866 rated 75% from RegHardware!

‘Indeed, the Sony NWZ-A866 delivers a quality output, along with a user-friendly design and, overall, is is a great little music player.’

RATED: 75%

Click on the image below to read the full review.

The Sony NWZ A866/7 models are slick and stylish MP3 players that take sound seriously. Sony have made a quality model that introduces the touchscreen feature to the Sony Walkman range. Navigation around the device is made easy by a basic user interface and highly responsive touchscreen. Even though it’s touchscreen, Sony have incorporated tactile buttons on the side making changing track or volume easy from inside a pocket or bag.


~ The Sony 32GB and 64GB models are exclusively available through Advanced MP3 Players ~


Sony Music Unlimited Promotion
Sony are offering this incredible 180 day promotion giving you unlimited access to free music. Using their Music Unlimited streaming service you have a wealth of music available at your fingertips. The offer will run from 30th November to 31st January. Sony are giving you 10 million songs to choose from when you make or have made an applicable purchase from October 2011. This is a promotional period for the Music Unlimited streaming service from Sony. Subscription charges after this period are £3.99 per month for the basic subscription or £9.99 per month for the premium. For more information click here.



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Trusted Reviews give Sony NWZ-A866 an impressive 7/10! Read more here!

SonySony Walkman NWZ-A866

RATED: 7/10

Sony Walkman NWZ-A866 was put through its paces over at Trusted Reviews but thankfully came out alive and with a glowing report!

The Sony NWZ-A866 is an extremely likeable device. It looks and feels great, offers an interface slicker than just about everything but an iPod Touch, and packs-in more quirky features than any other MP3 player we’ve tested of late. It sounds good too, thanks to the decent bundled earphones and a more-than-capable sound engine at its core.Trusted Reviews


The Sony Walkman is an exceptional MP3 player that, unlike many of its competitors, is highly usable despite its sophistication. Enjoy great sound quality and some pretty fun features.

Advanced MP3 Players is the only UK stockist to sell the 32GB and 64GB models.

Read the full review here.

Check it out

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New in! Sony RDP-NWD300 Walkman Compatible Active Speaker

SpeakerSony RDP-NWD300 Walkman Compatible Active Speaker

The compact but powerful speaker is designed with the Sony Walkman in mind. However, use is not exclusive to Sony products as it conveniently has line-in ports that will let you connect your PC, tablet or other MP3 player.

The NWD300 is a clever device – the amp built within it adapts to the setting of the speaker to ensure quality sound is produced at all times. The iFS Technology will ensure that music of any genre is played in the purest of forms.

The stylish and tidy design is based on the shape of a leaf. It will sit neatly on any table, shelf or ledge to produce big sound with little intrusion.

With convenience in mind, the speaker will charge any Sony Walkman that is plugged into it.

Order yours here!

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New MP3 Players, New In Ear Headphones, Sony Is Back With Fantastic Little Gems!

Sony have recently unveiled new products: Their Clip MP3 Players & Their Premium In Ear Headphones

Those new gems have just landed in Advanced MP3 Players!

You’re lucky, you can be the first to own these new little beauties:

1- Sony have stuck it to Apples shuffle with their new MP3 Player, the B-Series Walkman. Compact, portable, stunning sound reproduction and it’s jam packed with the latest Sony Tech!

Bass boost, Zappin, Quick charge…and it’s all in a neat ‘Clip-like’ design!


Sony NWZ-B163 4GB Clip MP3 Player - Only £34.99

- full product description here -

2- Sony have released a great range of headphones to the market, all of which vary in audio reproduction abilities, but can any of their other IEM’s hold their own against their EX1000 model? Sturdy design, premium packaging and premuim sound quality. They don’t come at a cheap price point but by gosh they warrant the price tag!

Sony MDR-EX1000 In Ear Headphones – £499

- full product description here -

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Jog, Dance, Move with the New Sony Walkman Music Clip!

What does the new Sony MP3 look like?

This week T3 Magazine is revealing us a picture and some of its features…

“Sony has just come over all official with its new Sony Walkman Clip. Undoubtedly going after the iPod shuffle, this new dinky MP3 player still manages to pack some smart features into its tiny frame.

“Tipping the scales at just 28g and measuring under 10cm long, it has a detachable clip so you can wear it out running or down the gym. It has so-called Zappin tech for finding the tracks you want, letting you play a short clip of a track before choosing to listen to the whole thing.”

Read T3 article here

Fancy this colourful new MP3 Player?

Keep an eye on the website – Available Soon at AMP3


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Simplicity, Stylish and Stunning – It Can Only Be Sony NWZ A845!

Sony NWZ A845, launched last year by Sony, is still producing the goods!

Qualified as “a survivor from the previous generation of media players” by Stuff this morning, the Sony A845 is still out performing others in the amrket! Slim, fast, stunning memory capacity (up to 64GB).

With your Sony A845 you will experience unparalleled video and music playback. This MP3 Player also blocks external sound with Digital Noise Cancelling.

Looking for a new MP3 Player, don’t look any further, the A845 is the perfect one. With 4 stars in Stuff, this leading publication is also recommending it to you:

“It’s outshone in various areas by any iPod you care to compare it to, but aside from Apple’s players there are scant few portables that can stake a claim to your pocket these days. For sound quality and simplicity alone, the A845 is worth a look, especially if you can get one at a discount.” (read the full review here)

Sony NWZ-A847 64GB WALKMAN MP3 Player – Only £279 (WAS £299)

- full product description here -

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Sony A846 Leaves Reviewers Stunned!

Sony A846 – Apple beating sound quality!

How could you resist to this little gem made by Sony? The thinnest MP3 Players with high sound qualities has already convinced more than one of us!
Reviewed 5 stars by What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision, Sony A846 is winning awards from many different reviewers:

What Hi-Fi: “For the first time in years the little Apple has a genuine rival”



T3 Magazine: “Sony has once again produced a gadget which cranks out tunes better than any Apple PMP. For that reason, audiophiles should plump for this every time.”



TechRadar: “the latest Sony Walkman is truly a contender for our favourite personal digital audio player.”

PistonHeads Gassing Station :


“The screen is one of the best screens I have seen on an mp3 player, very bright, excellent contrast and great viewing angles.

“The A846 is excellently built. It appears to be made of metal, with a scratch resistant glass screen.

“The screen is one of the best screens I have seen on an mp3 player, very bright, excellent contrast and great viewing angles.

“The sound is warm, with a very nice and full low end. the sound is excellent with a hint of warm lushness.

“The OLED screen is very good, but at least for my taste a bit too small for watching feature films.”


The Sony A846 (32GB) and A847 (64 GB) are still available from www.amp3.co.uk.
- full product information here –


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