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MYKRONOZ Zefit Smartwatch (£45)

MYKRONOZ Zefit Smartwatch

MYKRONOZ Zefit Smartwatch (£45)

MYKRONOZ Zefit Smartwatch (£45)

Mykronoz takes the Swiss watch-making heritage and delivers a watch fit for the 21st century: the Zefit Smartwatch.


The Zefit will tell you the time, track your steps and distance travelled, calories burned and even tell you how many hours you slept for each night. The Smartwatch features a great OLED screen and single button to check your activity in real-time.


The Smartwatch will also connect wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth, with both iOS and Android supported allowing you to monitor your activity and progress. You can also transfer these stats to your PC or Mac to set daily goals and reminders, monitor your performance and to analyse your progress.


The Smartwatch watches whilst you sleep – and reports back how many Z’s you caught


Worried about the Smartwatch clashing with your jogging gear? Worry not, as the Smartwatch is available in a variety of colours!


Head over to the product page at AMP3 for more details:

MYKRONOZ Zefit Smartwatch

Ozaki iCoat slap-on watch straps for iPod Nano – For A Futuristic Look!

Stuff News Nugget: Ozaki iCoat slap-on watch straps for iPod Nano, the futuristic watch you dreamed of!

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Ozaki have developed some flashy and stylish 6th gen nano accessories! This, the Ozaki iCoat+, takes shape in the form of a handy ‘wrist watch’!

Simply stick your iPod into the convenient holder, attach it to the stylish band and slap in onto your wrist! All you have to do now is change the iPod to display a clock and you have yourself a rather unique watch!

We offer loads of iCoat+ colour variations, each of which have their own unique design. So match your Nano or match your mood, the choice is yours!

Ozaki iCoat Watch+ for iPod nano 6G – £24.99

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