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Sonos Play:3 Arrives at Advanced MP3 Players! Pre-Order Now!

The most anticipated Sonos Unit  - “Sonos Play:3″ – is landing in Advanced MP3 Players Next Week!

Available now for Pre-Order!

Sonos have decided to launch a new wireless speaker system. This new product seems very promising and more affordable (£259).

Sonsos PLAY: 3 All-In-One Speaker System

TrustedReviews says…

“The Sonos range has just opened-up to a whole new swathe of buyers. A £249 price tag may not make the Sonos Play:3 an impulse buy, but buying a Sonos system isn’t the imposing prospect it once was. With sound quality better than you might expect of its small stature, this is a cheaper, less conspicuous alternative to the B&W Zeppelin Air.” (click here to read more)

What Hi-Fi tells us:

“The speaker can be used on its own, or as a pair for stereo sound, and can also be flicked between vertical and horizontal, changing their tonal balance as they do so.”

“With a new brand logo to match the new names, it marks a fresh onslaught on the ‘wireless hi-fi’ (Sonos’s preferred term) market.” (click here to read the full article).

Available NOW at Advanced MP3 Players

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Denon DM38 DAB Voted the Best Hi-Fi System!

“Denon’s D-M38DAB (without speakers) was voted the best hi-fi system.”

“That’s the verdict of the latest research from social commerce company Reevoo.”

Today What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision reveals us that Denon DM38 is still a star among the gadgets enthusiasts. That’s a good news because over the last year the less well-known manufacturer have become the nation’s new must-haves:

“Bucking the trend is Denon’s D-M38DAB (without speakers), which was voted the best hi-fi system.”

(read the full article here)

Denon’s new DM38 Micro Component HiFi System gives your audio a whole new perspective.  With a clean dramatic sound the DM38 brings your music to life and surrounds you in audio bliss. (speakers available as an option – see below)

You can use multiple sources to listen to your music collection – the possibilities are endless!  Check out some of the brand new features below…

  • Digitally transmitted play function for iPod and iPhone (via USB) for best sound quality
  • DAB+
  • Easy timer setting
  • Easy-to-use remote control handset

Denon DM38 DAB Hi-Fi System & M37 Speaker Bundle - £260 / Was £288

Denon DM38 DAB Hi-Fi System – £199

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Sony A846 Leaves Reviewers Stunned!

Sony A846 – Apple beating sound quality!

How could you resist to this little gem made by Sony? The thinnest MP3 Players with high sound qualities has already convinced more than one of us!
Reviewed 5 stars by What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision, Sony A846 is winning awards from many different reviewers:

What Hi-Fi: “For the first time in years the little Apple has a genuine rival”



T3 Magazine: “Sony has once again produced a gadget which cranks out tunes better than any Apple PMP. For that reason, audiophiles should plump for this every time.”



TechRadar: “the latest Sony Walkman is truly a contender for our favourite personal digital audio player.”

PistonHeads Gassing Station :


“The screen is one of the best screens I have seen on an mp3 player, very bright, excellent contrast and great viewing angles.

“The A846 is excellently built. It appears to be made of metal, with a scratch resistant glass screen.

“The screen is one of the best screens I have seen on an mp3 player, very bright, excellent contrast and great viewing angles.

“The sound is warm, with a very nice and full low end. the sound is excellent with a hint of warm lushness.

“The OLED screen is very good, but at least for my taste a bit too small for watching feature films.”


The Sony A846 (32GB) and A847 (64 GB) are still available from www.amp3.co.uk.
- full product information here –


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