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MYKRONOZ Zefit Smartwatch (£45)

MYKRONOZ Zefit Smartwatch

MYKRONOZ Zefit Smartwatch (£45)

MYKRONOZ Zefit Smartwatch (£45)

Mykronoz takes the Swiss watch-making heritage and delivers a watch fit for the 21st century: the Zefit Smartwatch.


The Zefit will tell you the time, track your steps and distance travelled, calories burned and even tell you how many hours you slept for each night. The Smartwatch features a great OLED screen and single button to check your activity in real-time.


The Smartwatch will also connect wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth, with both iOS and Android supported allowing you to monitor your activity and progress. You can also transfer these stats to your PC or Mac to set daily goals and reminders, monitor your performance and to analyse your progress.


The Smartwatch watches whilst you sleep – and reports back how many Z’s you caught


Worried about the Smartwatch clashing with your jogging gear? Worry not, as the Smartwatch is available in a variety of colours!


Head over to the product page at AMP3 for more details:

MYKRONOZ Zefit Smartwatch


Stunning New Desktop Network Audio Player from Astell & Kern

The AK500N - The Ultimate High-Res MQS Network Audio Player

The AK500N – The Ultimate High-Res MQS Network Audio Player – £8,999.00


Astell & Kern have done it again.


Building on the back of their rather excellent AK240 (and its little brothers the AK100 ii and AK120 ii) the team over at Astell & Kern have produced another brilliant product, this time in the shape of desktop network audio player, the AK500N.


Not sure what a network audio player does? Well, in the case of the AK500N, it does it all.


Astell & Kern have graced the AK500N with one-click CD ripping to either WAV or FLAC, DLNA network capabilities and PCM to DSD conversion.



Playback is driven by the internal battery in order to cut out ‘noise’ from the AC power supply; charging happens outside of playback, or when the battery reaches 4% capacity.


The flip-up 7inch touchscreen is a nice touch, allowing you to control your music playback easily and quickly.


The AK500N features internal memory to allow super speedy playback, but this can also be complimented by external memory via the dedicated USB port on the back of the device.
In fact, the AK500N has a whole range of inputs and outputs; coaxial, optical, USB types A and B, Ethernet, BNC and both fixed and variable analogue outputs.


The networking capability is also a great feature, with the ability to connect with phones, tablets, your PC and of course Astell & Kern’s own range of portable players in order to stream and control playback.


At just under £9000 the AK500N may be out with many people’s price range, but the hefty price tag from A&K is nothing new. With the abundance of features and unquestionably excellent sound, the AK500N may be the desktop audio player many audiophile’s dream of.
Head over to AMP3 to get more details:

Astell & Kern AK500N – The Ulitmate High-Res MQS Network Audio Player

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 08.08.42

A Year of Free Music with Sonos!

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 08.08.42


Sonos are offering a year’s free subscription to Deezer’s Premium+ worth £100 with every purchase between now and the end of the year.

Deezer is the music service that finds music for you based on the tracks you love, so there’s always something on you like.

Check out the promotional page below for more details on eligible units:

Head on over to AMP3 for more info on our Sonos products:




JayBird receive top marks from Men’s Fitness


JayBird Bluetooth headphones never fail to disappoint and now they’ve won the seal of approval from leading fitness magazine, Men’s Fitness. Rating the Sportsbands a respectable 4/5 and the Freedom full marks with 5/5 the JayBird brand continue to cement their quality reputation amongst the experts.

Both headphones are engineered to be the best exercise accessory available. However, JayBird’s combination of microphone and impressive audio output with usability make these headphones as ideal for the everyday user as they are for the athlete.


Totally wireless the headphones allow unrestricted movement even during the most rigorous of exercises. Their lifetime guarantee against sweat means they are built to last and, unlike many sports headphones, are not susceptible to water damage. With a simple touch of a button, both sets of headphones will answer and end calls without disruption.

JayBird have implemented simple yet innovative design principles to produce what are sophisticated top of the range sports headphones.

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The Independent include JayBird Sportsbands in top 10 fitness gadgets round-up!

SportsbandJayBird Sportsband


Not only do these headphones come with a lifetime warranty against sweat damage, they can also link with your smartphone.‘  The Independent

The JayBird Sportsbands go from strength to strength. Voted 9th best fitness gadget to have by The Independent, they fought off stiff competition to make it in to the round-up.


The sportsbands are wireless headphones that easily connect to a Bluetooth enabled music player to rid the user of any wires. Effortlessly connect the devices and you are good to go.

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JayBird Freedom Headphones featured on The Gadget Show

FreedomJayBird Freedom Headphones



The Freedoms are the world’s smallest Bluetooth stereo headset and lead the charge in the Bluetooth enabled headphone trend. Simply, the Freedoms are two noise-isolating ear buds connected via adjustable neck strap and sit securely in the ear, freeing the user of any wires.


Last week, the JayBird Freedom headphones were featured on the gadget geek’s weekly TV digest – The Gadget Show. The Freedom’s were included in an ‘Ultimate Travel Bag’ feature. Being high performing and versatile headphones their tech credibilities shone through to win their inclusion on the show. The headphones have received large amounts of praise since their beginning and it’s not only the Gadget Show they’ve impressed:


‘We are so incredibly impressed with JayBird’s new Freedom Earbuds. First of all, while larger than normal, wired earbuds, they’re much more compact than any other Bluetooth headphones we’ve seen.’ iCreate

Taking calls and playing music is all done wirelessly with the headphones. Connect to your Bluetooth enabled device and enjoy pristine audio. A hugely important factor that is often overlooked with top quality headphones is their usability. Too often you find headphones that won’t last the hustle of a daily commute let alone a trip to the gym. The Freedoms are designed for the active user and it’s the active user they serve.
Coming with a guarantee against sweat means they will withstand being put through their paces. Cordless headphones for any purpose is a luxury, but when exercising once you go wireless, you might find they are less luxury and more necessity.


The headphones sit securely in your ear and deliver a strong Bluetooth connection. Use them on your commute, to the gym, out for a walk, or anywhere. They blend top quality components and output with usability.





~ Get yours here ~

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Gadget Show rate Sonos Play:5 amongst the very best products ever featured.

play 5


Channel 5’s The Gadget Show showcase some of the very best products out there in the technology world. Their latest online feature was a very best of the highest rated products they’ve had on the show. Featuring on the list was the Sonos Play:5. Watch the video here.

The impressive Sonos Play:5 is a wonderful all in one wireless music system. This outstanding piece of design boasts unparalleled sound quality. With this device you can connect to wireless streaming services like Napster, Spotify, Last fm, etc. and have a world of musical opportunities at your fingertips.

The wireless nature of the Sonos systems means you are able to interconnect other speakers to maximise sound or to place in other rooms. Initial set-up and expansion is achieved with minimal effort making it so worthwhile.

Also available is the slick Sonos controller but if you don’t want to fork out for that, there is always the option to control your music wirelessly through your smart phone.

The Play:5 is available at Advanced MP3 Players for £349 and comes with one months free premium Spotify subscription.



buy now


play 5


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Amp3 expecting arrival of X mini KAI. X mi’s latest Bluetooth enabled device

X mini KAI capsule speaker

Arriving soon


Here at Amp3 we are very aware of the sheer power packed into the X mini capsule speaker range. They bring maximum noise to a minimum size. With every model that comes out X mi expertly fine tune their models to bring a better quality of sound to the same speaker. With the X mini II they advanced on their already clear sound to make it even clearer; with the X mini RAVE they brought us FM radio without increasing the size of the product or compromising battery life.

All these additions are well and good but perhaps a little boring. There is only so far an X mini can go without it repeating itself. The new X mini KAI capsule speaker transcends any muted expectations and enters the connected world of wireless Bluetooth.

By connecting wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled media device you can both control your music and volume through the toggle at the base of the device and remotely through your phone or MP3 player. Connecting your device is effortless and rids you of the hassle of cables.

Not only is this a sophisticated upgrade but it immediately gives the KAI speaker serious purpose beyond that of producing clear and loud sound. The built in microphone transforms the KAI from being a speaker to a purpose built hub for conference calls. A double advantage in that it can be used for social purposes and professional. The speaker’s capacity for sheer volume coupled with X mi’s sharp focus on quality means calls are received loud and clear.

Retaining the standard 3.5mm jack the KAI will still connect to your MP3 player via this cable. Though most MP3 players and phones are equipped with a wireless function, this is still crucial in connecting multiple X mini speakers through the innovative Buddy Jack. Using the Buddy Jack option you can connect multiple X mini speakers to maximise sound. By connecting a KAI model you can control the entire fleet of speakers wirelessly.

Though the X mini KAI capsule speaker is priced significantly higher than previous models the functionality of this particular model far exceeds the expectations of this price point.

The KAI will be available shortly from Advanced MP3 Players for £69.

Check back here for regular updates on its arrival.


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Brighten up bath time with the iDuck! Only £25


iDuck Floating Wireless Speaker


New in to Advanced MP3 Players is the iDuck wireless speaker. This floating and waterproof device will bring all your favourite music straight to your bathtub. Listen as the iDuck floats wirelessly around the bath playing out all your favourite music.


Whether you choose to blast your beats or to chill with relaxing music, the iDuck will provide the bath time entertainment.


All you need is to connect your MP3 player to the egg device included in the package which will connect to the iDuck wirelessly. You even get an FM transmitter too!


This gadget will let you keep your MP3 player safe from any splashes with its 10 metre radius.


Brighten up bath time with this fun little gadget for only £25!



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Sonos Play:3 – So much and so easy

Sonos Play:3

The Sonos Play:3

The Sonos Play:3 has generated a fair amount of buzz prior to its release. Now the new generation has landed, reviewers and users alike have been increasingly impressed with the consideration Sonos have invested in making far reaching improvements.
Unless you want to connect up to 32 devices the price won’t put you off. Compared to the Play:5, the wireless system is entirely affordable. For most of us, a lottery win was mandatory before purchasing a decent HiFi but thanks to sensible pricing from Sonos, the device is just as accessible as the music.
Your Sonos purchase is also an exclusive invitation to endless amounts of preloaded Internet radio stations. Through a Bluetooth connection you can connect your own phone or MP3 player letting you play your own music effortlessly. The option to extend your music library almost infinitely through wireless streaming services such as Napster or Spotify is an electrifying prospect.

The Sonos Play:3 is equipped with a three driver speaker system, three digital amps, one tweeter, two mid-range drivers and one bass radiator to ensure superb sound quality.
This all sounds very complicated but set-up and use could not be easier. You just connect your MP3 player with a few clicks of a button and then you’re ready to go. There is also opportunity to expand your Sonos collection, adding more speakers without any complicated installation or further set-up. Check the promotional video to see exactly how easy it is to get connected here.


So if you’re not persuaded yet read some of these reviews and you soon will be!


‘The Sonos wireless music system is great. It allows you to stream music from the Internet be it Spotify tracks, the radio, or your own collection, in multiple rooms at the same time all controlled by your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or a dedicated controller.’

Pocket Lint Read full review

‘The beauty of the Sonos system is that you can start with one speaker attached wirelessly to the Sonos Bridge (which, in turn, is attached to your router by Ethernet cable), and later add more to the system in different rooms – as many speakers as you like up to 32 (in case you happen to live in a palace).’

Tech Radar Read full review

‘Of course, all this is well and good, but with audio equipment it’s sound quality that’s really important. Fortunately, with the Play:3 there’s nothing to worry about at all. As with all other Sonos components, the Play:3 is reassuringly heavy, backing up the gorgeous exterior (available in black or white) that shouts this is a well-made product.’

Expert Reviews Read full review

Sonos Play:3
~ For a full product description click here ~


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