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X mini v1.1 rated 5/5 by Expert Reviews!

X miniX mini v1.1



‘The speakers are surprisingly loud for their small size, but you’ll need two to fill even a small room with sound. The audio is remarkably well-rounded and the single 3.5mm driver copes with even the most complex rhythms, producing clear high notes and fleshed-out mid-range, but it can’t quite hit some deeper bass notes. The X-mini’s sound quality sets it apart from most portable speakers, so it wins a Best Buy award.’ Read the full Expert Reviews review here.


The X mini v1.1 has been given a 5 star review from Expert Reviews and rated as their Best Buy product! With up to 6 hours battery life and explosive sound it’s easy to see why the X mini has received such a glowing review.


The 3.5mm jack will connect to most phones or mp3 players. It’s small enough to throw in a bag or pocket but produces unbelievably clear sound – enough to get the party started. Get yours today.


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‘genuinely unbelievable’ – X mini II in TechRadar top ten portable speakers of 2012!

X miniX mini II



Read the full TechRadar roundup here.


The X mini II has been rated by the experts at TechRadar as one of the best portable speakers in 2012. TechRadar were impressed with the X mini II’s sound quality, battery life and functionality which attributed to its inclusion in this prestigious roundup.


With sound that will blow you away it’s hard to believe a gadget so small can produce such power. Excellent sound engineering from X-MI have made this level of volume possible and even maintained a high quality of clear sound.


Click the image below for more information on the X mini II capsule speaker.



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Be Happy with X-Mini – Your Essential Travel Partner for Unbelievably Loud Music!

X-Mini Happy: your festival essential 2011!

“Extravagant, perhaps, but this tacky-sounding gadget is one of our favourite festival frivolities. Acting as a regular MP3 player playing tunes from a 2GB SD Card, when twisted it concertinas out into a quite brilliant-sounding speaker.” (Pocket Lint – read the full review here)

X-Mini Happy MP3 Player & Capsule Speaker – £49.99

- full product description here -

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See Life in Pink with the New X-Mini II Capsule Speaker in Pink!

Finally the X-Mini II in pink have landed in Advanced MP3 Players!

No we haven’t painted them, pink is the X-Mini new colour range!

X-Mini II in Pink: unbelievably loud travel speakers!

You really have to listen to one to understand what we mean by Sound Beyond Size because we are sure you are not thinking big enough! When you ‘crank up the volume’ the X-Mini will literally rumble and vibrate its way across a wooden surface. The sound performance, easy connection and portability of this little speaker make it an AMP3 favourite. Definitely worth a look!

X-Mini II Capsule Speaker in Pink – £19.99 / Was £24.99

- full product description here -

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Best Memories Of The Gadget Show Live 2011!

Cowon, X-Mini, Denon, Jaybird, SoundScience and PopCorn Hour

They were all at the Gadget Show Live 2011

With the exclusive launches of Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones,SoundScience Qsb Speakers and PopBox Media Player, the Gadget Show Live was a huge success this year again.

New: The Hub Theater – Live sessions introducing new products during the Gadget Show Live… Let’s watch the best-of those sessions:

Available Now at Advanced MP3 Players:

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones - £99

SoundScience Qsb Speakers – £89.99

PopBox Media Player – £139 (for pre-order)

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AMP3 Product Sleepover: EXTREMELY LOUD! Andrea Trials the X-mini Happy!

I bet you are sitting there wondering what a ‘product sleep over’ is!?  Well not to fear you are about to find out!

Here at AMP3 we value giving our customers an informed, open and honest opinion.  How can we give you the whole picture if our staff members haven’t had first-hand experience with the products we are offering you?  Well now we can!  We are encouraging our staff members to take home and trial products for themselves, and every day we will post up our results right here on our blog!

This week, our Key Accountant Andrea is blown away by the Xmini Happy!  Can she talk over the immense sound this little capsule speaker produces?

Video Review Guide – Xmini Happy

Pros: Unbelievably loud, drop and drag file transfer, retractable audio cable enables connection to any 3.5mm line out connector, perfect for festivals, holidays and a get-away, 12 hours music playback when played through MP3 Player.

Cons: Only 5 hours battery life if playing music direct from SD card

Verdict: Well I’m suitably impressed with the X-mini Happy Capsule Speaker, it has most definitely lived up to the ‘Sound Beyond Size’ label that comes with it.  Recommended? I would have to say yes! It really is the perfect travel companion. The Happy gives you an unlimited source of music wherever you are via SD card or any other device with a 3.5mm audio out port!  The battery lasts up to 12 hours and the volume is more than enough for to fill any room you are staying in – you might even get told to turn it down!


Want to see more on this product? Check out its full features and specs at AMP3 – Click Here

Review by Andrea Keir - Key Accountant




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