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Victoria Beckham tweets about X-mini speakers!

X mini II

X-mini II

~ £17.95 ~

X-mini are going from strength to strength and have now won the backing of Victoria Beckham. She tweeted a picture of the X-mini II on Saturday evening alongside the message: How cool are these X-mini speakers???? and they sound great, perfect for when travelling! x vb’, to an audience of 3,374,389 followers. The style icon’s tweet was favourited and retweeted more than 50 times each, testament to the speaker’s superb quality. See the tweet by clicking here.


We’re very familiar with the range of portable X-mini speakers at Advanced MP3 Players and their incredible capacity for sound but the X-mini II is not only an example of iconic design but of innovative function. Built with a standard 3.5mm jack, the X-mini II will not only plug into most mp3 players but other X-mini speakers too – by using the Buddy Jack feature. The daisy chain effect maximises the pristine sound to unimaginable levels.


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‘genuinely unbelievable’ – X mini II in TechRadar top ten portable speakers of 2012!

X miniX mini II



Read the full TechRadar roundup here.


The X mini II has been rated by the experts at TechRadar as one of the best portable speakers in 2012. TechRadar were impressed with the X mini II’s sound quality, battery life and functionality which attributed to its inclusion in this prestigious roundup.


With sound that will blow you away it’s hard to believe a gadget so small can produce such power. Excellent sound engineering from X-MI have made this level of volume possible and even maintained a high quality of clear sound.


Click the image below for more information on the X mini II capsule speaker.



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Are you a Mini or a Max?

The summer is magic! Over the weekend I enjoyed sitting in my garden listening to my X-Mini II Capsule Speaker playing tunes while I indulged in a cold beer and the blistering sunshine!

It got me thinking though…What do other people use to listen to their music in their garden, down the beach or in the park for a BBQ or picnic? As I sat there with my mind wandering off with some classic rock playing away I could only hope people have not been confined to your integrated speakers on your ‘i’ device or mp3 player!  If you are one of these people, it’s time to step into the light and get a sound beyond size experience.

I know there are several travel speakers out there that offer a great convenience of listening to music on the go, but the speakers that tickle my audio taste buds is the X-Mini range!  They give bang for your buck and won’t break the bank!  So I propose a battle, X-Mini II vs X-Mini Max!? 

Vote in our Poll, X-Mini II VS X-Mini Max!

Want to get involved?  Let us know on our Facebook fan page which you are: I’m a Mini!  
Stick up a post on our Facebook Page with your preference, I’ll get the ball rolling and stick one up, there is also a poll to vote in should you feel the need.

Once we have the end results I’ll be sure to stick up a cracking XMI deal for everyone who took part in the X-Mini vs X-Mini Max Stand-off!

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See Life in Pink with the New X-Mini II Capsule Speaker in Pink!

Finally the X-Mini II in pink have landed in Advanced MP3 Players!

No we haven’t painted them, pink is the X-Mini new colour range!

X-Mini II in Pink: unbelievably loud travel speakers!

You really have to listen to one to understand what we mean by Sound Beyond Size because we are sure you are not thinking big enough! When you ‘crank up the volume’ the X-Mini will literally rumble and vibrate its way across a wooden surface. The sound performance, easy connection and portability of this little speaker make it an AMP3 favourite. Definitely worth a look!

X-Mini II Capsule Speaker in Pink – £19.99 / Was £24.99

- full product description here -

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