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Are you a Mini or a Max?

The summer is magic! Over the weekend I enjoyed sitting in my garden listening to my X-Mini II Capsule Speaker playing tunes while I indulged in a cold beer and the blistering sunshine!

It got me thinking though…What do other people use to listen to their music in their garden, down the beach or in the park for a BBQ or picnic? As I sat there with my mind wandering off with some classic rock playing away I could only hope people have not been confined to your integrated speakers on your ‘i’ device or mp3 player!  If you are one of these people, it’s time to step into the light and get a sound beyond size experience.

I know there are several travel speakers out there that offer a great convenience of listening to music on the go, but the speakers that tickle my audio taste buds is the X-Mini range!  They give bang for your buck and won’t break the bank!  So I propose a battle, X-Mini II vs X-Mini Max!? 

Vote in our Poll, X-Mini II VS X-Mini Max!

Want to get involved?  Let us know on our Facebook fan page which you are: I’m a Mini!  
Stick up a post on our Facebook Page with your preference, I’ll get the ball rolling and stick one up, there is also a poll to vote in should you feel the need.

Once we have the end results I’ll be sure to stick up a cracking XMI deal for everyone who took part in the X-Mini vs X-Mini Max Stand-off!

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